Anonymous said: Do you wear makeup? :)


Anonymous said: How many beers can u drink?

A lot

Anonymous said: Hoe many do you sleep everyday or try to?



lol laughing myself 2 sleep every night about all the white ppl in the world who couldnt find chill in an igloo

Anonymous said: do you like justin bieber?😀

No idk idc haha I mean he’s alright there’s worse ppl out there

commedesbutthead said: lol literally all u have to do to piss off white people is tell them theyre white like O.K. eggshell w/e u say


Anonymous said: Hope u have a Britney💋day!💲🌹


Anonymous said: ru half blood?


Anonymous said: Racist piece of shit. This is why some white people hate niggers


Anonymous said: When I take a selfie in a hospital is because I'm sick not because I want to look with daddy problems

You’re obviously not a white girl so it wasn’t directed towards u

hate white girls that keep posting sickly pictures of themselves in hospitals like we get it u have daddy issues

Anonymous said: I'm the homophobic guy is there free drinks?

Yes if u find me

Anonymous said: Are you rich?

not monetarily